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GeoGuard Cloud

GeoGuard Cloud

It is the system that collects and organizes the data from GMU, verifies the data flow integrity, performs the positioning data processing in order to obtain and analyze deformations.



GReD srl ( is a Spin-off SME of Politecnico di Milano, founded in 2012, which studies, designs and implements innovative and highly customized solutions based on geomatic technologies. GReD is characterized as a center of excellence focused on Research and Development, professional advice and algorithmic elaboration for the creation of state-of-the-art and innovative solutions based on geomatic technologies in the following application areas:

  • advanced surveying and cartographic applications;
  • augmented GNSS applications;
  • high precision high resolution gravimetric application;
  • space applications.

R&D activities concern the maintenance of state-of-the-art internal skills and in particular the definition and development of products and services for:

  • high precision GNSS navigation and positioning;
  • high precision high resolution gravimetric maps determination.


Precise and timely measurements of the infrastructure movements and deformations. In particular for:

– transportation & travel (bridges, airports, harbors, railways, …)
– water distribution (water tanks, pipelines, …)
– energy (dams for hydro power plants, penstoks, towers for high voltage, wind farms, …)
– domestic security for military purpose  (radars, radio systems, …)
– telecommunication infrastructure (data, cellular and broadcasting network towers)
– oil & gas transportation and storage
– cultural heritage and large stadiums preservation